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Welcome to Alefredo Edtech

Alefredo EdTech offers holistic educational solutions, including interactive mock exams to assess and improve student performance, along with teacher summaries and educational materials in various formats. Our platform also provides access to an affordable marketplace for used academic books.

About Us

Covered Systems:

  • American System: AP, ACT, SAT
  • British System: Cambridge (IGCSE, Olevel & Alevel), Edexcel, Check Point (Primary and Secondary)
  • IB Diploma: Higher Level and Standard level

Stay tuned for more systems to be added soon

Our Services include::

  • Interactive mock exams
  • Past Papers & Teacher summaries (available in digital and paper formats for all codes, levels, and subjects)
  • A marketplace for buying and selling used academic textbooks
  • All the resources you need to excel in your exams.
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Here at Alefredo we aim to Aid and Imporove our students performance


Join us on an exciting adventure!

Elevate your exam grades to an A+ level with Alefredo EdTech solutions and services!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are we?

    An educational platform aimed at helping students in schools following foreign educational systems achieve the best grades in their exams. The platform offers interactive exams with over 40,000 questions. Additionally, it sells summaries from top teachers, available in both digital and physical formats, and provides previous exam questions. Furthermore, it offers a service for buying and selling used textbooks related to international curricula.

  • We started as an educational platform in 2020 with a brilliant idea centered around used books. However, the company has evolved significantly since then. Various services have been added, including curriculum summaries from teachers in both paper and digital formats. Interactive exams have also been introduced to enhance the learning experience, and our name has now become ALEFREDO EDTECH, which includes Alefredo exam and Alefredo books.

  • 1. Used books Marketplace
    2. PAST papers for all systems, all cods, all levels, all years (Digital, paper format)
    3. Teacher Summaries (Digital, paper format)
    4. Interactive mock exams

  • We are providing the following for international students:
     The American system, which includes AP, SAT1, ACT.
     The British system, which includes Cambridge/O level/A level, AQA/GCSE level/AS & A level, Edexcel/O level/A level, Secondary Stage (Check Point), Primary Stage (Check Point).
     (IB) Diploma, Higher Level, and Standard Level.

  •  School students
     Parents of students
     Teachers
     Schools
     University students

  •  By accessing over 40,000 questions in its interactive exams.
     Allowing students to purchase over 1000 products from past papers and teacher summaries, whether they are in paper or digital format.
     Through the platform, students can access over 60,000 used books and purchase them at competitive prices.
     Students can also sell their used books and earn additional income.

  • By providing these resources for their children and monitoring their performance using the interactive exams platform.

  • Schools can benefit from our platform by purchasing licenses for students at encouraging prices to improve their performance. They can also obtain educational resources from our platform, whether in paper or digital formats.

  • By selling their educational summaries, whether in paper or digital format, and by purchasing educational resources from other teachers and previous years, as well as books and exam questions from the platform. They can also access a test bank.

  • Certainly, you can now join our current investors, such as Oasis 500, and many other investors.

  • The platform's services are available to all students worldwide, especially digital services. Regarding buying and selling used books, these services are available in Jordan and the UAE. It's worth noting that buying used books is open to anyone worldwide.

  •  Credibility in dealings, competitive pricing, the quality of offered products, and commitment to service/product delivery times represent the most essential foundations for the platform's success.
     The customer is the king.
     We make every effort to assist our customers, from the beginning to the end of their experience. We take customer feedback seriously, even after they have received our services or products, in an ongoing effort to make improvements. We are dedicated to addressing any issues that customers may encounter, ensuring their satisfaction remains a priority.

  • We constantly strive to expand both our product range and geographic coverage to ensure comprehensive fulfillment of the needs of students and parents. We promise to remain in close contact with you to understand all the challenges you face day by day. We aim to design innovative and suitable solutions to meet your needs and achieve your satisfaction. These efforts underscore the importance of continually improving our services and products to meet your expectations and deliver the highest quality.

  • Communication can be done through the phone number or via social media platforms.

  • Yes, we are registered with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce under the name 'Takaful Company for Managing and Owning Electronic Platforms.

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